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Trading, import, export and repairing of Heavy Equipment and Crushers
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HMVs core business is the design, build, operation and maintenance of mobile and static processing plants in the recycling and mining industry. Together with our engineers we are providing tailormade solutions for a wide range of material and product requirements.

With our Turnkey Solutions we could successfully process millions of tons of recycled products over the last decade. Typical applications are crushing and screening plants for construction and demolition waste, steel slag and other mineral material. A large stock of standard equipment and our integrated inhouse workshop help to minimize leadtimes from order to commencement of operations.

With our business model to operate and maintain total plants, we guarantee process reliability and performance at the highest benchmark. Besides the full-liner solutions, we are also offering refurbishment of equipment and optimization of existing operations.

Our Vision.

To make cities and communities environmentally sustainable and safe for future generations.

Our Mission.

To foster and devise innovative solutions for governments, industries and organizations within the GCC, that will enrich the communities and cities we live in.

What we Do.

Typical applications are crushing and screening plants for construction and demolition waste, steel slag and other mineral material.

Our Services

What we offer

INSTALLATION & CRUSHER PLANTInstallation, Erection, Operation & Maintenance

Our services encompass various aspects of crushing and screening plants. We provide expert installation and professional erection services, ensuring precise positioning and adherence to safety standards. Skilled operators and continuous monitoring guarantee efficient operation and maximum productivity. Comprehensive maintenance plans, technical support, and training programs are offered to prolong equipment lifespan and keep the team updated. We also provide spare parts supply and expertise for plant upgrades and customization, incorporating advanced technologies for enhanced performance and efficiency.

Plant and Heavy Equipment

Plant and Heavy EquipmentSupply, Repair and Rebuild

We are a leading supplier of diverse recycling and mining equipment. Our comprehensive solutions cater to the specific needs of the recycling and mining industries. With a highly skilled team of specialists, we offer rebuilding and repair services to ensure machinery operates at peak performance. Additionally, we provide customization services to tailor machines to your unique requirements, delivering exceptional results.

Mobile Workshop

Mobile WorkshopExpert Support

Our fully equipped mobile workshop enables us to offer on-site assistance, minimizing downtime and providing convenience to our customers. With a team of professional technicians, we ensure optimal performance and improved operational efficiency. We offer cost-effective services, tailored solutions, and exceptional service to meet your specific requirements and exceed expectations.

Our Equipment

Operate with top-of-the-line instruments

Mobile Mining and Recycling Machines

Static Mining and Recycling Machines